The 19th Asian Games in China saw something new for Sri Lanka: a team competing in the popular game PUBG Mobile! After winning the national qualifiers held by SLESA, five gamers got picked to represent the country: Chamuditha “Luciferr” Watshan, Ramesh “Jimmy” Kavindu, Tharindu “Mamatha” Induwara, Riham “Tauter” Ramzi, and Mohammed “Razer” Azmy.

Their journey didn’t start in the main event. First, they flew to Macau, China for a special competition called “Road to Asian Games.” This was like a practice match against other teams in our central South Asia. The gameplay is different from what we know, it’s not a battleground playing mood, they have to shoot target and collect points

Finally, it was time for the big show in Hangzhou! Sri Lanka faced off against 21 other teams, all really good at PUBG Mobile. Even though they were new to this international level, the Sri Lankan squad showed they had serious skills and wouldn’t give up easily.

They might not have gotten a medal, but coming in 12th place is pretty awesome! It shows everyone how good Sri Lanka is at Esports. This also makes young Sri Lankans who love gaming think, “Maybe I can do that too!”

The story of Sri Lanka’s PUBG Mobile team is more than just a game. It’s about showing national pride, working hard, and being part of something totally new in Sri Lankan sports. This is just the beginning, and Sri Lanka’s Esports athletes are sure to do even better in the future!