The International Esports Federation (IESF) had revealed that Sunday, March 1st is the official announcement
date of the game titles to be played at the 12th Esports World Championship in Eilat, Israel.
Aside from the game titles featured in the 12th Edition of the Esports World Championship, the announcement
shall also include the dates of the event, as well as a first-time reveal of the event’s logo.
The Esports World Championship is the IESF’s flagship competition, where gamers from all over the world
participate in a unique and vibrant tournament while representing their national flag.
The event is the only major Esports tournament featuring national teams, and this year’s competition is expected
to be the largest one to date, with approximately 60 nations are set to participate.
The announcement shall be streamed live on IESF’s twitch channel. The exact time of the announcement will be
shared soon via IESF’s social media channels.
For more information regarding the 12th Esports World Championship, follow the IESF Facebook page, Twitter,
and LinkedIn