The first sessions of IESF’s International Esports Referee Academy are in the books. The lectures have been engaging, trainers have been on-point, and this first batch of international Esports referee trainees have been soaking it all in.

Referee trainees from around the world have participated in the lectures, with topics that include a long list of topics, including referee theory, the roles of the Esports referee, IESF rules and regulations, and enforcement procedures.

International referee trainee Huseyn Nasirli from Azerbaijan said, “Academy was very informative and helpful for getting experience as an international referee, all lecturers are very experienced and we got a lot of new information in this course.” Vorathep Theppongpech from Thailand added, “The Academy is very insightful and full of knowledge. The staff were wonderful which allowed me to comfortably enjoy this course.”

With the customary hospitality of the City of Busan, and the support of sponsors like the Busan IT Promotion Agency (BIPA), trainees have been enjoying their time in Busan. The city of Busan is home to 4 million with many millions more in nearby satellite cities. Busan has a long and rich history that goes back thousands of years, and the city provides a great mix of mountainous coastal beauty, dynamic culture, and a technological ecosystem in which Esports thrives.

It is truly remarkable how a city steeped in history has the flexibility to embrace the new and not only create a new history, but also be an important catalyst in the development in the world’s fastest growing sport.


The International Esports Referee Academy is one of three pillars of the Global Esports R&D Center, located in Busan, South Korea. With the continued support of the City of Busan and the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA), the Global Esports R&D Center has been working to strengthen the Esports ecosystem and foster the evolution of the industry since 2018.

International Esports Referee Academy is dedicated to the development of standards and working to increase the expertise of national and international Esports referees in order to support the integrity of Esports, and to contribute to the success of athletes, teams, and events on the world stage.