The Sri Lanka Esports Association (SLESA) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the National Olympic Committee (NOC) Auditorium on the 5th of February 2023. The AGM was attended by members of SLESA who came together to discuss the progress of Esports in Sri Lanka and to also vote for a new Board to lead SLESA for the years 2023-24.

Nominations for the Board were accepted by the members of SLESA for 8 positions in total for which voting was carried out and saw Raveen Wijayatilake unanimously being re-elected as the President of SLESA. Alongside him, Malinda Jayasekera was re-elected as the Vice President while Ramesh Liyanage and Vikum Jayasekera were unanimously re-elected as the Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Chathra Jayasekera was unanimously elected as the Assistant Secretary while Abith Latiff was unanimously elected as the Media Secretary and Navod Bopitiya was unanimously elected as the Assistant Media Secretary. Safwan Mansoor was unanimously elected as the Chairperson, Clan Committee. Dinuka Ratnayake continues on as the Head of the Disciplinary Committee – a non-elected position.

Despite economic and various challenges, Esports has seen a massive spike in interest in Sri Lanka over the recent past. Recognised in 2019 as the 70th official sport in Sri Lanka by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Esports continues to grow at a rapid pace and is widely regarded as the country’s ‘fastest-growing sport’

SLESA is the officially recognised body for the governance of Esports in Sri Lanka by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. SLESA provides the framework to continue driving Esports in the country and works together with its members and stakeholders to continue establishing a strong structure for Esports in Sri Lanka, ensuring that the industry is managed in a responsible and sustainable manner.

At the AGM, the members of SLESA discussed various topics, including the growth and development of Esports in Sri Lanka, the future plans for the industry, and the ongoing efforts to provide a safe and fair environment for players. The members also discussed the importance of taking the sport from hobby status to a model that can sustain professional athletes with salaries and funding.

SLESA is committed to supporting the development of Esports in the country and working together with its members to ensure that the industry continues to grow and thrive. With a strong framework in place, the future of Esports in Sri Lanka looks bright, and SLESA is well-positioned to lead the way.